if they only knew

if they only knew

something interesting you should know both Necra and Ragtag are for all intensive purposes immortal.

RagTag story started as a forgotten Rag-doll that Necra found on her journey
picked up just so she had someone to hold. she repaired him, looked after him and cared for him.
then one day she used what she knew to give him life. to thank him for being there for her.
Ragtag remembered every thing since he was made.
he had been made in a small room for a child no older then 4 who loved him for a years till the day when they were forced to leave,
he was left behind, then the bombs fell destroying all he knew. there he layed till Necra found him. cared from him . gave him a voice.

his first words were “uoy knaht” ( “thank you” stangely the process that gave him life and a voice made him speak backwards )

after raising him and being shore he was happy necra gave him a note that simple said “it is your life, it is your choice, you are free to chose your own path. if you ever want to leave it is your choice”
to which Ragtag ripped up the letter and stayed with necra ever since.

the language of kindness

the language of kindness

here is a consent for a new poster i am working on,
i was planning to have a world map covered in positive phrases from around the world. but im not the best at languages and dont want to have any poorly translated phrases. or accidental insults.

so i would like to request any designers, artist to do one in your language